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As an ever growing industry, considering food safety training courses should be a top priority for anyone working in the field to avoid something as crucial as food poisoning which in turn leads to bad reputation for the establishment and loss of business.

On another hand, HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) may not be required in many food related-industries, however it is still important to consider the benefits of having the certification.

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Popular Questions

I am a Food Science Graduate from US I would like to start my career here in Dubai and I am thinking of doing a HACCP level 3 course. Is it the right course to do?
(Question asked by Anam on December 04, 2016)

Hi yes Level 3 in HACCP is good course. i will recomend Level 4 in Food Safety after level 3. I also suggest to attend ISO 22000:2005 Food safety Management System Lead Auditor Training Course

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Hello, Im Justin.I have Bachelor degree in Food Biochemistry and Master degree in Biotechnology. I'm currently working in Dubai, in a restaurant as a chef. I want to enroll myself in one course matching my background. Please assist me
(Question asked by Justin on February 02, 2018)

Hello Justin, You can start with the HACCP Level 3 program which will give you detailed insight about the specific hazards and importance of HACCP system in controlling them. Further you can enroll for Advanced Food Hygiene Level 4 for further detailed understanding of the Food safety practices. 

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I am an adult 45 years of age, currently realised I have keen interest in health & nutrition. I am seeking for a change in career towards my passion in nutrition after I was retrenched. Is this course
(Question asked by Nana on May 27, 2016)

HI. I would advise you can go for Health & Safety training or HACCP (Hazard Analysis for Critical Control Point) Implementation Level 3 certification program for Quality assurance, auditing,Investigating customer complaints, etc.

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I have completed Diploma in Professional Cookery and Food preparation in Singapore. I'm currently looking for advance studies, which courses do you advice me to take?
(Question asked by Sohi on August 20, 2017)

Hi, If you are planning to concentarte in Food Safety ,better to choose Level-3 Food Safety Training or Level-3 HACCP Trainig Course

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