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This makes choosing an MBA in Dubai quite a challenge.  Here is a guide focusing on how to choose your MBA.  You will find some useful information here which can help you in your MBA decision making process. You will also find information and a list of courses below about EMBA's (Executive Masters of Business Administration).

Here are some typical questions that one has difficulty answering in choosing an MBA.

Who should I do my MBA with?

There are Universities offering MBA's all over Dubai.  Due primarily to its focus on education, you will find most MBA's in Dubai Knowledge Village in universities such as University of Wollongong (UOWD) and Middlesex University Dubai (MDX Dubai).  You will also find Universities offering MBA's in North Dubai Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) and in Dubai International Academic City (DIAC).  For those looking for an MBA in Dubai with an Indian University, Manipal University (in DIAC) is a popular destination.

Should I consider an online MBA and try Distance Learning?

As technology improves, students in Dubai are becoming more and more comfortable with the concept of taking an Online MBA, or an MBA in Dubai through distance education.  Online MBA's are becoming more and more common among the working professionals in Dubai as they tend to be fairly flexible enabling the student to watch lectures and complete assignments from the comfort of their homes.  Fees for MBA's through distance education tend to also be cheaper options.  Some universities in Dubai offer blended MBA's where they provide in-classroom support for online MBA programs.

What are the fees and costs for MBA's in Dubai?

MBA prices in Dubai range from around AED 30,000 to AED 614,000.  

Are there part time MBA's in Dubai?

Since most MBA's in Dubai are targeted to working professionals, you will find that most of them are part time.  Part time MBA's will usually take around 2 years to complete.  If you are looking to attain your MBA in 1 year or less there are two options.  Firstly, you can stop working and study full time for 1 year.  Alternatively you can consider more short term options such as a mini MBA in Dubai.

For executives or upper level managers, an EMBA is a great option.  Here is a guide explaining the difference between a traditional MBA and an EMBA.

MBA Job Opportunities

Once you have completed your MBA, the next step in your career would be to find a job. You can take a look at our MBA Jobs that we have to offer and apply directly through our website. 

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