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Top 19+ MBA Courses and Programs in Sharjah - December 2022 update

There are 8 MBA courses in Sharjah, offered by 4 universities and institutes. 2 Executive MBA (EMBAs) programmes enable you to study for you MBA whilst remaining in full-time employment.

Sharjah offers a few subject variations including MBA in Finance, MBA in Marketing, MBA in Human Resources.

MBA programmes in Sharjah cost between AED 48,000 and AED 188,000. Prices can vary considerably depending on scholarships or discounts awarded. You should also consider extra fees such as admissions or materials.

You will find universities and institutes offering MBAs in Sharjah are mostly located in University City, but there is one provider in Al Nahda.

If you cannot find the right MBA programme in Sharjah, you may find that the wider choice in Dubai has something more suitable. Alternatively, an online MBA would offer you a greater flexibility. Laimoon lists many excellent quality online MBAs from all over the world.

Below is a list of all the MBAs available in Sharjah. If you require any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us on or call 042797602 and we will do our best to help you.

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105 courses from 20 providers in Sharjah

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Popular Questions

I recently completed PG diploma in logistics and supply chain management, i want to know if its necessary to do the MBA in logistics and supply chain management next , what should i do next to advance
(Question asked by Batanai on February 20, 2017)

Hello, you can consider doing MBA in Supply Chain Management. Or depending on your experience even MBA (general) will benefit you equally. 

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Hello,Can I please have any guidance /tip s/ info about MBA scholarship in UAE.?
(Question asked by Mohamed on July 23, 2017)

MBA Scholarship is generally offered to those learners either with strong Academic records or working professionals with vast proven Senior Level Experience in form module exemption based on their contribution to the business management domain. If you find yourself desirous of applying for MBA scholarship you can check our website or come & meet us in person with your candidature

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Hello! I have a bachelor Degree in Media Engineering and Technology. I want to do an MBA in Project Management, or so, as I want to shift career. Any recommendation? I have already been working for 3 years in a managerial based position.
(Question asked by Ahmed on October 26, 2017)

Hi Ahmed, Greetings! If you have already bachelor degree along with 3 years of work experience you may go directly for Internatonal certification in project management called PMP ( Project Management Professional), which is the gold standared of PMI USA certification and essesntial for all project managers even if they have MBA in project management. This short period certification is highly demanded and it will add value to your portfolio. best of luck, Bright Future Training Institute Team

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Hello,Is it possible to pursue a MBA without a baseline of Bachelors Degree?
(Question asked by Adele on March 16, 2017)

Hello there, I appreciate your interest to pursue MBA even though you do not have a Bachelors baseline. However, it possible for you to join our MBA program only if you have 4 years of work experience. 

I wish you all the best in mapping your career. Thank you 

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