Hello! I have a bachelor Degree in Media Engineering and Technology. I want to do an MBA in Project Management, or so, as I want to shift career. Any recommendation? I have already been working for 3 years in a managerial based position.

Project Management , Project Management // Question by Ahmed | Oct 26, 2017

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  • St. Cloud State University- Jan 06, 2018 - 12pm

    Dear Qais, 

    St. Cloud State University is the State University in Minnesota. The University offers a program in Master in Engineering Management which can be the best program for you to apply for based on the current market demand and the opportunities for you after your Degree.

    In the USA if you graduate with Engineering Degree you qualify for a two year work permit. Also this program offers an internship which is arranged by the University. 


    Nadeem Ejaz 

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  • Bright Future Computer Training- Oct 30, 2017 - 2pm

    Hi Ahmed,

    If you have already bachelor degree along with 3 years of work experience you may go directly for Internatonal certification in project management called PMP ( Project Management Professional), which is the gold standared of PMI USA certification and essesntial for all project managers even if they have MBA in project management. This short period certification is highly demanded and it will add value to your portfolio.

    best of luck,
    Bright Future Training Institute Team

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  • Quadra Plus Management Training Institute- Oct 30, 2017 - 3pm

    First of Masteral is a great benefit for you on a long term. But right now,  you wanted to shift career, So My recommendation is take a Project Management Professional Course it will help you faster than taking MBA.

    Certifications are short courses that will focus on what career skills you require. While MBA will give you academic bonus of acheiving higher standard for a lifetime. So if I may recommend joing PMP now then pass the test then take MBA for satisfying your professional growth as well as academic growth.

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