Executive MBAs in Dubai

An EMBA degree is very similar to an MBA degree but the main difference being that they are offered in part time capacity to help working professionals who have a busy schedule and want an MBA in Dubai. There are 13 EMBA courses in Dubai from 13 different institutions. They are offered in popular areas such as Knowledge Village and Academic City. If you require an MBA, check out our guide in choosing your MBA

What is an Executive MBA?

MBA and EMBA programs have a similar curriculum but the format of the classes is slightly different. The minimum work experience required for an EMBA program in Dubai is about 5 years of working experience. An Executive MBA program is usually meant for someone who is currently working in an upper management position and will find an EMBA program based to suit their learning needs.  Executive MBA programs can vary from different institutions but the course timings are flexible meaning they offer course timings in the evenings and the weekends. The average EMBA program can be completed in two years or less.

Is an EMBA Program for you?

Executive MBA courses are for people in the mid-stage of their career. You may want to take an EMBA course to increase your job standing or to brush up your knowledge on skills you already know. EMBA prospective students are generally never in the beginning stages of their career. Prospective students who are just starting their career should then consider an MBA in Dubai as that would cater to their experience.If you are considering an EMBA in Dubai, we have a comprehensive EMBA Fees listing which you can check out.

Executive MBA Career Opportunities:

After earning your Executive MBA you now have options to either stay in your current workplace and get some more responsibility or possibly get a promotion. You could also explore some other job opportunities and put your new found skillls to use in a related industry.

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