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TAITO Education Ltd, (company number 10815712) is a UK-based organisation engaged in enhancing teaching and learning experiences in K-12 education sector worldwide. We work with governments, schools, early years settings and other education providers to help and achieve change in teaching and learning. Our products and services enrich, engage and simplifies the teaching and learning experiences of educators and learners by imparting the necessary skill set to succeed in today’s competitive, multicultural and global environment.

Taito provides consultancy and change services to help customers make strategic and practical changes to the way they engage with their stakeholders. Our unique pedagogy on experiential learning groom learners to be creative, innovative, explore and excel in their career pathway. We help every student to unleash their full potential to shape their own future.

Our Quality Assurance services make it possible for institutions in K-12 sector to be recognised for their commitment to uphold the standards of education, skills and effective safeguarding children. Taito has partnered with organisations engaged in transforming the educational eco system with their proven products and services in K-12 sector. We understand and focus on making the desires of educators, learners, parents and other stake holders a reality.

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