Many cultures have built devices that travel through the air, from the earliest projectiles such as stones and spears; to the early legends of human flight such as the Wright brothers. Be a part of such legendary stories by enrolling yourself in courses such as pilot training, flight planning, and aviation management to get you started. With more aircraft taking to the skies every year, the need for individuals such as yourself is growing to a critical extent where the Aviation industry could benefit from your gained knowledge and experience. Below are some key courses and programs to get you started.

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I have just graduated from High School. Am I eligible to an aviation management course?
(Question asked by Treesa on September 20, 2017)

Hi Treesa,

Good Afternoon.

Yes, you are eligable for the course. we have variety of Courses for Aviation management. Thank you. Best Regards. Alpha UK Training Team

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what is the age limit for a student to attend an aviation course?
(Question asked by Ranjini on November 02, 2016)

Hello Ranjini, It would be advisable to go in for an IATA / Aviation program upon completing High School (minimum qualification). Should you like to have more details about the varous Programs and options available, please do contact us for further assistance.

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