About AirBusiness Academy

AirBusiness Academy is an Airbus Group company. For two decades, we have been engaged in developing people in aeronautics, gaining insight into the management needs of professionals working in this dynamic industry.

Our strength lies not only on our close ties to the aeronautical industry but also on our in-house faculty and network of associate consultants who collectively cover a scope of fields related to managing the aviation business, managing and developing people and teams, managing and implementing operational processes and tools.

Our portfolio encompasses customised training, coaching, facilitating, learning events, and open courses. We can also conduct a needs analysis for clients, propose training design services and manage training programmes. All your learning needs can be addressed at AirBusiness Academy. We will propose the best solution to inspire growth and help you move forward to reach your objectives.

AirBusiness Academy at a Glance

  • Began operations in 1992
  • AirBusiness Academy is an Airbus Group company
  • Headquarters in Toulouse with an office in Beijing
  • An in-house Faculty whose scope includes training design, delivery of customised learning solutions and consultancy services
  • Over 400 associated Consultants all over the world
  • Core knowledge:  Aviation Management, Leadership and Operational Management
  • Learning solutions and services: Customised training, facilitation, learning events/seminars, coaching, consultancy, training design and programme management
  • Clients come for aircraft manufacturers and their suppliers, airlines, public authorities, and other organisations involved in the aeronautics industry.
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