Do you have the desire to help others and overcome their hardships?  Not everyone can be a counselor.  It is important to balance your emotions with the ability to be logical and firm.  Learn the necessary foundation in counseling skills required for use in helping relationships and solving personal problems by enrolling in one of the courses below.

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I would like to become a good relationship counselor. Please let me know how may i get the required skills and which courses can i take?
(Question asked by Jasmine on January 21, 2017)

Dear Jasmine,  In reference to you question. Im happy to assist you in answering your question.  Answer: To become a relationship counselor, you'll should obtain a bachelor's degree in a mental health field. However, some other establishment they require a master's degree in a mental health field, in addition to participation in an internship or field placement involving direct clinical practice during the course of your studies and the completion of one to two years.  At the end you have to check the requirements of the country you need to be qualified in. I hope this clarified your question

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