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Learn the essentials of top styles and designs in fashion and beauty. Reach out to a multitude of job opportunities by gaining the knowledge and experience of becoming a top hair, make-up, stylist, fashionista, beautician amongst many other of Cosmetology.  If you are wondering which estheticians school near me is best, start by checking the courses and classes below

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Want to upgrade my hairdressing skills and train students. I have L'Oreal Diploma and Toni & Guy, City and Guilds certificate. Which courses should I take?
(Question asked by Jareena on June 14, 2016)

hi, our training or courses provides basic hairdrying and basic blowdrying. if you are already a hairdresser and u want to upgrade or update your skills with regards to UAE standards we are at your service.

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Hi, I want to know after I get a skin care certificate, I can take a dha certificate also?
(Question asked by Arezoo on January 08, 2017)

hi, thank you for your inquiry. we dont give the dha certification. our stamped is recognized by khda. as the courses provide only basic facial, more on the basic foundation of doing facials.

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I've been working as a beauty expert for more than 10 years in the travel retail sphere; used to deal with 2 beauty companies before and currently with a 3rd one; I and most of my colleagues and friends believe that I could become a coach or a trainer within the similar beauty field retail industry. In other words, I would like to learn and to be certified accordingly as a trainer/coach in beauty-retail field. Please advice which courses (2-3) I may attend to be upgraded in future.
(Question asked by Nora on December 05, 2017)

Hi Nora, that is a great plan for an upgrade in your career. If you plan to be a trainer/coach, you have to decide first which part of the beauty-retail field do you want to pursue. Like is it for hairdressing, makeup, cosmetology or skin care. We are offering courses for hairdressing and makeup which might help you if you decide which are you want to focus on. Hope this helps. 

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