Infection Control

Infection control consists of protecting the public by providing standardized measurement in the field of infection prevention control.  Courses in infection control encourage continual improvement infection prevention control methods and emphasize on patient safety.

There are four infection control courses available in the UAE. Completing an Infection control training can help you land jobs such as nuclear medicine technologist, infection prevention and control manager or occupational health specialist

To discover all the opportunities stored for you through an infection control training, browse in our infection control jobs in the UAE.

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20 courses from 20 providers in UAE

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Popular Questions

I am a registered nurse, and want to become an infection control nurse. Please suggest which course is better for that.
(Question asked by Jancy on July 21, 2018)

Apply for CIC ( Infection control ) and apply for CBIC exam

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I am a public health technician, I am i eligible to take courses in infection control (CIC)?
(Question asked by Chouchan on December 17, 2013)

Yes you can take this CIC course but not eligible for CBIC exam. For this your can start with Infection Prevention control course get 2 year of nursing Experience then sit for exam.

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Can anyone attend the Infection control course (CIC) or do I need to have experience or educational background in health care? Please assist me
(Question asked by Farzan Shaikh on December 13, 2018)

Who should Attend this course- • Infection Control Practitioners • Healthcare professionals / Quality & Patient Safety Professionals • CSSD / Endoscopy / Laboratory Staff • Healthcare professionals (Dr’s/Nurses) who wants pursue a career in Infection Control • Healthcare Risk / Quality professionals • Staff Development / Education Professionals • All those seek to obtain CIC certification You can go for Infection Prevention Training course or CPHQ  

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I want to have a Certification in Infection Control or be a CIC holder. Can you please advise me on how to be certified? and what shall I need in order to comply with the requirements?
(Question asked by Lalaine on February 23, 2014)

Apply for Certified Infection control exam preparatory course which hepl you to prepare you for CIC certification.

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