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Nursing, at Abu Dhabi, I love the health sector and I want to help people get well. I have diploma in x ray technique from Nigeria. I want to know how to go in the nursing direction, if I have to stud
(Question asked by Valentine on January 09, 2017)

Hello there, For any nursing jobs in UAE, you will need a Bachelor's degree in nusing, plus 2 years expereince before you will be granted a licence. You will also be required to sit a board exam with whichever health authority you will work for.

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I want something that could qualify me to be considered as a specialty nurse
(Question asked by Rahima on July 24, 2017)

I would suggest you to take medical transcript and medical coding.

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I am Poorni from India, holding a diploma in nursing and currently working as a nursing aide. I would like to take up some other training related to Nursing. Please suggest me
(Question asked by Poorni on January 21, 2019)

Are you in India or working in UAE. If you are in India and wish to work in UAE then you should go for BLS - Basic Life Support Training Duration : 4 hours (1day) Certification : 2 years certification with 3.5 CME Points - HSS health and safety solutions

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