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Broadly speaking, the IELTS is taken by those who wish to study, live, or work in a country where English is the primary language of communication. Those who need to demonstrate their English proficiency to meet the requirements of professional associations or regulatory bodies in various countries improving of the sounds of the words.

  • Learning the contraction. 
  • Listening to recording with understanding through reading. 
  • Comprehension of the different question formats. (Filling up the blanks, multiple choice, labelling etc.) 
  • Practice to catch and then lead the speaker. 
  • Practice to find out the required precise information. 
  • Lecture-exercise-follow up lecture in the same class. 

What will I learn?

Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking (Four modules of language).

Target Audience

  • This course is intended for anyone interested to go to English speaking country for: 
  • Higher studies or seeking enrolment in universities. 
  • Immigration into Canada, Australia, UK and USA 
  • Work permit or a professional job. 

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About Bright Future Training Institute

Who We Are?
BRIGHT FUTURE ushers every human being to acquire the knowledge,skills, attitudes and values necessary to shape up a promising and sustainable future. We recognize our vital role in delivering a quality of training for everyone in the UAE, both now and the generations in store. Bright Future is committed to culminate the wished results with a perfect blend of senior educationists and young breed of energetic trainers on its faculty. We encourage the staff to adopt innovative and interactive methods of training in order to make the institute an example of posterity.
Bright Future works under the auspices of Knowledge and Human Development Authority – KHDA Dubai Govt. Currently seven departments are actively introducing hundreds of Professionals to the market, the seven departments are ;

  1. Departmenet of Hospitality 
  2. Department of Soft Skills and Languages
  3. Department of Engineering
  4. Department of Management
  5. Department of Information Technology
  6. Department of Finance 
  7. Departent of Accounting

Bright Future has affiliation with some well known multi national organizations to facilitate our students and give them practical exposure of market trend.

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