Hi, If I want to pursue MBA program in Dubai, how much is the IELTS score requirement?

IELTS , IELTS Preparation // Question by Nurbia | Sep 5, 2017

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  • filbrit training centre- Sep 06, 2017 - 1pm

    HI there. How are you? In regards to IELTS score requirement it depends to which country you wish to apply and it depends to your profession that you are applying for. If you don’t mind may we ask for those information so that we can give you a precise answer. And are you going to apply for general or professional?

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  • Capital Training Institute- Sep 06, 2017 - 1pm

    Most MBAs in Dubai wont have an IELTS requirement. They would consider your previous degree earned and if thats taught in English would be sufficient.

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  • International Talents Institute - Nov 04, 2017 - 2am

    Hi Dear,
    Thank you for asking, and we’re more than happy to reply… please note that Universities differ in the score of IELTS recommended to complete Master’s Program. 
    You have to choose the University first and then you can decide.

    Please contact us and I’m opened to answer more questions and link you with an expert to answer you more.

    Marketing Manager

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