I am willing to study master in science in UK. Which IELTS test should I take?

IELTS , IELTS Preparation // Question by Mashari | Oct 2, 2017

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  • LEARN WELL- Oct 10, 2017 - 11am

    Greetings from Learn Well Management Training Center LLC. !
     IELTS Academic is the apt one.

    Bizar Hydrose
    Academic Director
    LEARN WELL Management Training Center   LLC
    Abu Dhabi, UAE

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  • Knowledge Point Institute- Oct 03, 2017 - 1pm

    You have to take Academic IELTS if you want to pursue Master in Science from UK, if you get higher band 7 & above that will help you to get admission in better universities.

    Knowledge Point Institute

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  • Bright Future Computer Training- Oct 18, 2017 - 4pm


    Greetings from BFTI.

    IELTS Academic is your requirement.

    Mr. Michael
    Business Development Executive
    Bright Future Training Institute

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  • International Talents Institute - Nov 04, 2017 - 2am


    Dear before investing in anything you should be asking the university, or one of the universities that you want to apply to… as per as we know IELTS is only one course, and what differs is the recommended score.

    Please contact us and I’m opened to answer more questions and link you with an expert to answer you more.

    Marketing Manager

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  • Express English Language Training Centre- Dec 17, 2018 - 2pm

    Without knowing the specific university, I would recommend IELTS Academic for you as it would be accepted by all institutions in the UK.

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  • British Columbia International Academy- Oct 02, 2017 - 4pm

    hie, we are providing training for IELTS, UKVI is the exam you have take for the UK.

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  • Skyrocket Training- Oct 03, 2017 - 10am

    Good Morning,
    I suggest preparing for IELTS Academic as this would be appropriate.We offer group course for both Academic and General.

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