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FilBrit Training Centre was set up in 2016,to provide excellent educational opportunities for the inhabitants of Satwa.We now work in Dubai and Ras al Khaimah. FilBrit is fully licensed by KHDA and the DED.
It is owned, directed and managed by British & Filipino directors, who have wide experience of education and business in Dubai and overseas.

FilBrit Training Centre is an all inclusive powerhouse of education, which is based on excellence and strives for perfection, with strong focus on outstanding learning and exceptional personal development. We are accredited or in the process of being accredited by TESDA and the British Council. The Centre runs on a not-for-profit basic.

We want to provide an excellent educational support service at low cost for adults and children, so that they can be true achievers, ready for Expo 2020, for the workplace and for the future.

We aim provide an exceptional educational support service for adults and children, so that they can be true achievers, ready for Expo 2020 ,for the workplace, and for the future. The FilBrit ethos is based on excellence : we aim both to provide it and develop it within our learners.
Our outstanding trainers and teachers support learning for the workplace, for School, for nurseries and for your own personal development – we have the highest standards of active, inspiring teaching.
Our academic staff are equipped with the knowledge and skills to deliver training programmes based on their students objectives. Our proven and carefully structured approach to education helps every student to achieve their goals. We consider ourselves to be a partnership with our students, together developing their knowledge ,skills and understanding in an active ,practical and fun manner.
FilBrit’s training programmes are designed to help bridging the gap between academic knowledge and its practical, professional and /or vocational application. Our training facilities and infrastructure give a feel of the corporate world.

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