The introduction of VAT (Value Added Tax) in the UAE will happen in 2018. There are many training and certification courses available now based on VAT preparation in the UAE both in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and  Sharjah.

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Hello, Who is eligible for the VAT training and after training where can I work?Please do assist me on the course and requirements.
(Question asked by Rani on September 09, 2017)

Dear Rani,

Greetings as per your question after completing the training on VAT Implementation you can work any firm entiltled to VAT regulations. As Decree has been released our training materials are already updated. In case you need any clarification please feel to contact me Regards Ashish

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What are the chances of landing up in a job after doing a VAT course?
(Question asked by Mansi on January 09, 2018)

In order to secure a job candidates need to have skills which an orgnisation looks for at this point of time. Any orgnisation which has over AED 375,000 of sales need to submit VAT return, quarterly. So any person trained in this subject has an opportunity for employment. Having VAT awareness, Accounting, VAT return submission, VAT implementation and VAT consultancy knowledge is the way forward for a new Tax Career.  We have special training on VAT for interested candidates. Thanks Akram VAT trainer 

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My company wants me to get a tax certification in order to become a tax agent under FTA UAE. Please guide me what kind of course i have to study ?
(Question asked by Zain Khalid on April 03, 2018)

You can attend a VAT course conducted by Elegant. The facutly is having 25 years of experience in taxation and he is a well known CA in the industry circles.

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Can you please assist me which courses related to taxes that will increase my knowledge and experience in my career?
(Question asked by Lateifa on June 20, 2018)

Dear Lateifa,  There 3 courses you can study in order to have a successful career 1) GCC VAT Diploma Exam. This exam will help professional to study over a month and master most of the area of VAT.  So student need to register with ATT (U.K) and do the exam. So upon passing the exam. Student will be provided Certificate which helps tax professional to qualify as Tax agent in UAE after completing several formalities of FTA 2) Advanced VAT for professional: This program professional can study 16 to 20 Hours. So that many area of syllabus, including VAT return submission, Voluntary disclosure and Current VAT updates till Feb 2019.Lot practical activities and industry application can be discussed. 3) VAT return submission and VAT principles: in this program staff will be trained as to how to submit VAT return.  This will be covered in 8 hours.  So students can learn the basic principles of UAE VAT and FTA updates. After learning this program, you can progress to Advanced VAT training for professional or GCC VAT diploma. Since the subjects affects every organization, so there will be regular updates, professional need to update his skills regularly.

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