Competing in today’s fast paced environment requires a thorough analysis; more importantly a clear and concise understanding of financial trends.  Understanding of such financials will lead to lucrative careers in investment banking, stock trading, personal finance planning and the entry into the world of corporate finance.   Enrolling in the courses and programs below will result in effective conversion of financial data into meaningful information, which will give you that competitive advantage you deserve.

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Popular Questions

I have a diploma in business studies majored in accounting and finance. Currently looking at boosting my qualifications to meet the increasing professional demand in MENA and GCC region. what professi
(Question asked by Geoffrey on August 07, 2017)

If you have bachelor Degree, CMA (certified Management Accountant) is best option for you. You can pursue your career as an accountant.

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Hello, I have completed MBA in Finance, and would like to take up short / professional courses. Could you please recommend me a course?
(Question asked by Mohsin on October 02, 2017)

Hi, As a finance graduate we can suggest you take the course for Certified Finance for Non Financials & Entrepreneurs (FNF&E) or Certified Management Accountant (CMA). Prepare yourself for an online exam and get a license.

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I have completed my MBA in finance and marketing and had done diploma course in export import management. I want to do a short term course according to the respected field, kindly suggest me the best suitable course according to my profile.
(Question asked by Deepesh on December 07, 2016)

Hello,  Greetings from Tamkeen,  If you working with the Finance sector go for the diploma in finance / in marketing go for the diploma in marketing (HND) diploma valid nationally and internationally. or best to go for the CMI diploma in Startegic Management & Leadership, which will boost up your career into chartered manager level. For more info regarding this kindly contact us. Thanks & Regards,  Admission Dept. Tamkeen Education Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

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Can you suggest me a course which has a wide range of scope in near future that i can undergo after MBA in finance ?
(Question asked by Nambi Hassan on June 18, 2018)

Insha allaah , UAECA/ACCA . it is  a professional qualification , which has strong demand in the world  either to start your own firm. recognise for the seniour positions. you also can study simultaniously  while pursuing MBA.

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