Due to their ability to investigate and make recommendations for every part of a business, auditors often go on to become CEOs.

Get started in your Auditing career or build some audit capability into your current role with these courses.

There are a few short audit courses in the UAE as well as the Certified Internal Auditor course which you can find in the CIA category.

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69 courses from 57 providers in UAE

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Popular Questions

My daughter is studying for ACCA and has completed her foundations till F8. She is interested in Auditing the most . Can she skip to a diploma in Auditing, besides continuing the ACCA, as she finds the practicals difficult to proceed with. Since she has got a foundation in Auditing, will the diploma in such a course , help her to seek a job.
(Question asked by Mohanad on January 04, 2018)

Dear Parents, Your daughter has to complete Diploma while studying ACCA. She cant skip it. If she finds some difficulties, then please consult some institute in this regard. We can also assist you in this regards.

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I am looking for a certified auditor course suitable for educational entities. Please recommend me a course.
(Question asked by Angesh Chaurasiya on June 24, 2018)

Everyone should start from ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, which is base for all. 

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