IELTS Preparation (General/Academic)-Weekends-Intensive Skyrocket Training
Price: AED 999
  • Duration: 24 Hours
  • Timings: Part Time, Weekends

    Course details

    An interactive class focused mainly on the preparation of the students for the IELTS examination by training them to improve their language skills and give additional practice on their listening, vocabulary and pronunciation.
    Who is this course for?
    Students and professionals preparing for IELTS examination for immigration, studying and working purposes.
    Course Overview:
    Module 1: Introduction- Questions and answers about IELTS exam
    Module 2: Preparing for IELTS
    Module 3: Listening
    Quick study- Overview - Question Types - Listening Tips - Completing the Blanks
    Module 4: Listening Skills
    • Objectives
    • Making Assumptions
    • Understanding Numbers 
    • Understanding the Alphabet 
    • Listening for Descriptions 
    • Listening for Time 
    • Listening for Frequency 
    • Listening for Similar Meanings 
    • Listening for Emotions
    • Listening for an Explanation 
    • Listening for Classifications 
    • Listening for Comparisons and Contrasts 
    • Listening for Negative Meaning 
    • Listening for Chronology
    Module 5: Reading
    Quick study - Overview - Question Types -Reading Tips
    Module 6: Reading Skills
    • Objectives
    • Using the First Paragraph to Make Predictions 
    • Using the Topic Sentence to Make Predictions 
    • Looking for Specific Details 
    • Analyzing the Questions and Answers 
    • Identifying the Tasks
    Module 6: Writing
    Quick study - Overview - Question Types- Writing Tips
    Module 7: Writing Skills
    • Objectives
    • Writing for a Specific Audience 
    • Completing the Task 
    • Determining the Task 
    • Developing a Thesis Statement
    • Organizing Your Writing
    • Writing a Paragraph 
    • Writing the Introduction 
    • Writing with Variety
    Module 8, Speaking
    Quick study - Overview - Question Types - Speaking Tips
    Module 8, Speaking Skills
    • Objectives
    • Describing Yourself 
    • Describing Your Family 
    • Describing Your Home or Hometown
    • Describing Your Occupation or School 
    • Describing Your Hobbies or General Interests 
    • Discussing a Topic 
    • Responding to Follow-up Questions 
    • Discussing an Issue in Depth
    • No charges for registration.
    • Books and materials to be purchased separately by the student.
    Updated on 09 July, 2018

    About Skyrocket Training

    Skyrocket Training provides top notch quality, short courses to corporates and individuals. Flexible enough to assist in implementation of corporates Training plans as well as to manage last minute requirements.
    Our Trainers are professionals in their fields, multilingual, and we take quality assurance very seriously to ensure you get the most of our Training.

    The goal of skyrocket training is to help you and your company to remain competitive, as well as acquire and master new knowledge and personal skills.
    Our objective is not restricted to delivering the classical form of training, but rather to adopting training processes that have been constantly tested and updated.

    Why people choose Skyrocket Training?

    1.  Because of our creative approach, innovative tools, and a global network of professional and expert trainers.
    2.  State of the art quality in all things, from contents to methods and tools, and in customer satisfaction.
    3.  An operational vision in direct contact with corporate realities
    4.  Creativity at all times, that pushes us to acquire the knowledge of tomorrow
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