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    Course details

    This is a course designed to train IELTS test takers to achieve success in the exam. The course focuses on the 4 major pathways of English Language - Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening; as tested in IELTS. The focal concerns of the course are:  
    • Building Vocabulary
    • Grammatical Foundation
    • Techniques of Writing
    • Fundamentals of Conversation
    • Training for Active Listening
    • Mastering Reading Techniques
    Who is it for?
    The course is for all those aspirants who wish to appear for the IELTS General or IELTS Academic exam and wish to achieve their desired band score.
    *IELTS exam has two modules, IELTS General and IELTS Academic. It is mandatory for people who wish to immigrate to Native English Countries; and for those who wish to continue studies and obtain higher education in any of the countries that have English as the medium of instruction.
    How will I benefit?  

    The course trains the learners into acquiring English Language Skills and using it in application to achieving desired success in IELTS exams. They will be guided into strategizing their responses to the paper, and also strengthen their language skills.
    The course will also give them the desired confidence and skills to attain the required IELTS standards.
    • Students can also register directly for their exam from the centre.
    • Dedicated qualified trainers.
    • Study material is also provided by the centre.
    What will I learn?

    • Familiarity with content
    • Grammar building
    • Vocabulary building
    • Listening Practice
    • Understanding main ideas and factual information
    • Recognizing opinions
    • Following argument
    • Practice listening
    • Conversation
    • Monologue
    • Conversation of 4 people
    • Monologue on academic purpose
    • Managing time in listening
    • Gearing up for reading
    • Understanding main idea
    • Details
    • Understand inferences
    • Understand implied meaning
    • Understand opinions
    • Development of argument
    • Tackle questions
    • Gap filled/one word etc.
    • For general
    • Passage from factual day to day events Newspapers, journals, advertisements
    • Passage work related
    For Academic
    • Passages from academic purposes
    • Learning to interpret and understand
    • Charts
    • Diagrams
    • Graphs
    • Illustrations
    • Descriptive reading
    • Discursive reading
    • Analytical reading
    • Understanding basic of writing
    • Sentence structure
    • Punctuations
    • Organizing the idea
    • Using vocabulary
    The Essay
    • Starting
    • Developing the middle
    • Connecting
    • Concluding
    The Academic
    • Descriptive writing
    • Graphs, Tables, Charts
    • Summarizing
    • Explaining information
    For General
    • Writing letter one on a situation
    • Format of letter writing using phrases as per situation
    • Opening - middle close
    • Essay - on an argument  a point of view
    • Different ways to developing an argument  
    • Personal style
    • Speaking  
    • Self-Presentation
    Communicating on common topics :
    • Friends
    • People
    • Dislikes
    • Family
    • Likes
    • Express opinion
    • Analyze, Justify opinion
    • Speak logically
    • Using correct grammar
    • Speaking - Clarity, Fluency and Correctly

    Course Location

    About Excellence Training Centre

    Excellence training Centre is located in JLT, is a training centre for languages and personality development. The training centre specializes in providing language solutions for all language requirements- personal, social, professional, academic and creative. The Training centre is a hallmark for excellence in teaching, dedication and deliverance. Be a part of the institute to partake and benefit from its array of language courses.

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