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Get trained by a Native and Cambridge English Teacher 

Our General English Courses are for students of all levels of English: from complete beginners to advanced speakers. No matter how much you already know. All our General English Courses will help you to speak English better and more fluently.

  1. Parts of Speech (Review of eight parts of speech along with stress on Articles and vowels) 
  2. Subject – Verb Agreement
  3. Tenses (As per the British Pattern- Usage/formations/activities)
  4. Test and Review Unit
  5. Sentence – Parts of Sentences (Brush up)
  6. Grammar (common mistakes of Advance Level learner)
  7. Conversation: Situation Based & Context Based
  8. Vocabulary (Less-common and un-common/Business vocabularies)
  9. Modals
  10. Structures/ Correlatives 
  11. Test and Review Unit
  12. Listening Exercises
  13. Writing (Letter/mails- Formal and informal writings’ do’s and don’ts)
  14. Test and Review Unit
  15. Reading & Comprehension (Pre-teach vocabularies and complex sentences-Speed reading)
  16. Test and Review Unit
  17. Speaking Sessions (Conversations/ debate sessions)
  18. Activities & Role Plays
  19. Group Discussions Etc.
  20. Final Test and Certificate of Completion

On completion of the course, students should be able to produce professional letters and reports, deliver effective presentations, communicate clearly on the phone, write contemporary business e-mails and letters, and complete job application forms.

Progress is a specialist in immigration consultancy which has now opened a training center, offering IELTS preparation for academic and immigration purposes.

With highly experienced teachers and a central location opposite Abu Dhabi Mall, Progress Training offers students the best chance of success.

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