Cabin Crew

The UAE's tourism sector is booming with Dubai International representing the 2nd busiest airport in the world and other Airports including Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, RAK and others, there is a constant flow of flights coming in and out of the country.

The demand for flight crew from companies such as Emirates, Ethiad, Fly Dubai and Air Arabia amongst others is considerable and growing. If you are looking for the job that can literally take you around the world, then learning to become a flight attendant or member of cabin crew is central to your success.

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Popular Questions

Is there any age restriction to study a cabin crew?
(Question asked by Yaser on June 08, 2016)

21 to 40 years of age

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I am interested in cabin crew course but i'm 27 years old and not sure if it's too late to enroll. Could you please suggest a different program in the Aviation field?
(Question asked by Tendai on October 14, 2016)

Hello Tendai, You are not late at all for pursuing a course and job thereafter in this field - IATA has a wonderful Cabin Crew Certification Program which would give you an added edge. If you would like to pursue this course in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E; do feel free to write to us

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please do let me know the requirements for cabin crew training in Dubai
(Question asked by Bawo on August 26, 2017)

Mr.Bawo ,  There is no any pre requisites for doing the course. To get qualified for interview / the job you need to be between 21 - 29, there is certain criteria regarding the the height , weight etc.

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