IELTS in Abu Dhabi

There are currently 16 IELTS training courses in Abu Dhabi, which are offered by 11 IELTS course providers. Based on its reputation, the Abu Dhabi University is a popular place to enroll for an IELTS pre-course. 

Taking the IELTS in Abu Dhabi is important as many local universities and jobs require a proficient level on the English language. If you are planning to moving to an English speaking country, most likely you will have to prove you fluency through this exam. 

If you are looking to take the IELTS test and you are not sure about the test dates and locations, check out our IELTS Test Dates and Test Centers in Abu Dhabi to find out where and when the next IELTS exam is taking place.

The British Council, being one of the developers of the IELTS testing program, is also located in Abu Dhabi where you can also enroll for IELTS coaching.

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33 Courses Available

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