Established in 1978

About SSTC School for Further Education

SSTC Institute is a premium private education institution established since 1978. A qualified and dedicated team of full-time and part-time lecturers, always ready to impart their insights and experiences, form the academic faculty. An Academic and Examination Board ensures the quality and standards of our academic processes are maintained. SSTC Institute offers a range of Preparatory, English language, Business, Tourism & Hospitality, and other Higher Learning programmes that offer a pathway to degrees with partner universities in UK and USA. SSTC Institute’s main goal is to focus on its students, by providing them the quality education that empowers the students to achieve their goals and career aspirations. A cultural community of student nationalities makes up the student profile at SSTC Institute, with many coming from the Asia-Pacific regions and as far north to countries such as Mongolia and Russia.

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