Established in 1972

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Learn the language by speaking the language!

At inlingua, you can learn a language naturally, with realistic speaking activities and practical expressions you can use immediately.  Our teachers are all trained native speakers, using the best interactive techniques and technology to help you speak from the very first lesson.

inlingua Singapore offers full-time courses in English and Chinese, and part-time courses in French, Korean, Spanish, Thai, German, Japanese, Italian, Malay, Indonesian, Vietnamese, and more!

Located on Orchard Road in the centre of Singapore’s shopping and restaurants, inlingua is convenient to visit, with comfortable classrooms, a Listening Area, corporate training space, tennis court and barbeque area.

Inlingua language institue is well renowned and has been established since 1972. We have competant teachers and have over 300 language centers worldwide.

Get ready to learn the natural way at inlingua Singapore!

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