English courses in Singapore

The primary language for business in Singapore is English. Learning how to speak English in Singapore as an expatriate is important. If you are a foreigner and a non native English speaker, you can take an English course in Singapore to help you learn the English language.

There are 308 English courses in  Singapore available for you to take. If you are a beginner or have some experience speaking English, there is an English class for you in Singapore. Some English courses are specialized in accent, spoken or basic levels. Other lessons are tailored for children, adults of any background. 

English training in Singapore can be attended either on a part-time or full time time basis depending on the learners needs. English courses in Singapore cost from SGD 250 to SGD 12,000 depending on the type of course, level being taken, method and provider.

After completing an English training in Singapore, you can get jobs such as a translator, English teacher or even get a job in a big multinational company.

If you are already proficient in English and are looking for jobs which require English, visit our English jobs in Singapore.

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