General Management

Managers are responsible for ensuring the business is delivered on time and in the right way. Mnagers may mnage teams, projects, the whole business, but ultimately they are responsble for making sure everything gets done.

To be a great manager, you should have certain skills including planning, delegation, communication, motivation and more. For complete management success it's important to establish what skills you already have and where you need improvement. The below courses will help you to develop the various skills required by managers as well as equipping you with certain tools to implement your management approach. You may also find our personal development section useful as there is lots of great skills for managers in there too.

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Popular Questions

I am a business student who is interested in creating opportunities for business, projects, marketing and sales .. what course would be suitable for me, thank you
(Question asked by Almahfoodhi on October 01, 2017)

Hi Almahfoodhi, Hope you are doing good! There are lots of professional certifiaction which suits your profile.  According to my experience, i think you should go for Intro to project mangement, as you are starting new opportunites in project management. However there are lots of courses. Regards; MyLearningKey

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what course could be good for a lady which is simple to pay and can help her to earn more?
(Question asked by Lubega on July 27, 2018)

The best course is Executive Diploma in Human Resources Management from the UK. Its priced very moderately and offered as a short course. 

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