English is the most widely spoken language and third most common native language in the world (behind Mandarin and Spanish). It is used commonly as a second language and is the official language of many world organisations such as the UN. Despite the UAE adopting Arabic as their 'official language', English is the Lingua Franca (working language, unifying language, vehicular language).

Almost all jobs in the UAE require at least some English language abilities and for anything above a junior level, english fluency is usually a must. Outside of the UAE, English will get you around most countries in the world and learning English will become more valuable to you than your passport. English courses are available at a conversational, business and qualified level (IELTS, TOEFL) here in the UAE. So, whether you are looking to commence your English journey or simply improve on what you have - taking a class in English will prove to be a great career investment.

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