Fire Safety

Fire safety is a huge area of concern for businesses and residential facilities managers. Having individuals who are responsible and capable of identifying fire hazards and preventing fires is essential. These courses can provide the training required for this.

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54 courses from 54 providers in UAE

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Popular Questions

Am currently having a certificate in basic fire skills as a Fire Marshall in my department. May you guide me which course I can do to upgrade my competencies and be able get a better job?
(Question asked by Peter on February 20, 2017)

hi peter, i suggest you to go for safety engineering course to upgrade you profile and you can work as an engineer.

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I am currently working as a fire alarm operator. Can you please suggest me courses/certifications I can undergo for a better career growth?
(Question asked by Nithin on November 25, 2018)

Certified Fire Alarm Inspection, Testing and Maintenance Specialist (CFAITMS) for Facility Managers from NFPA is one certification that you can look in to. Eligibility requirement for this certification is only a high school diploma or equivalent.

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أنا أملك شهادة في مهارة الحرائق الرئيسة مثل حريق (مارشل) الذي أعمل فيه حاليا، ما هي الدورة التي ستساعدني على زيادة خبرتي وتعديل وضعي ومساعدتي للحصول على وظيفة أفضل؟
(Question asked by محمود حسن on January 29, 2019)

Knowledge Point Institute recommends you to take the Certified Fire Protection Specialist exam preparation which is through NFPA – National Fire Protection Association, USA.  The purpose of the CFPS examination is to provide a basis for determining the competency of candidates seeking the Certified Fire Protection Specialist (CFPS) designation.

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