Engineering Courses in the UAE

As UAE constuction work increases so does the demand for skilled engineers. For the latest trends in the UAE Engineering sector and to see who's hiring check out our Infographic here.

Recent sources have suggested that 2013 has seen nearly 4000 new professionals added to the market over the last few months, a recent Emirates 24/7 article suggests average salaries for engineers in the UAE currently are over AED13,000 per month. Discover loads of engineering jobs at

There are many courses available in Engineering. In fact Engineering is one of the most highly qualified professions in the world. This is partly due to vast variety of engineering sub-topics but also due to the need to prove your abilities in this highly quality-controlled sector. The UAE is an engineering feat in itself, just look how far it has come in the past 15 years; it truly is a remarkable achievement. The country and indeed the wider region continue to have noteworthy engineering ambitions and will increasingly require qualified engineers to keep up and surpass the already outstanding achievements to date. Dubai is the proof for it. A degree or certified profession qualification is a sure fire way to get to the top of your Engineering career and be in the best position to meet the senior labour market demands that are currently emerging.

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