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Instructor led live virtual classroom online. Classes may be individual or in group.
  • Duration / Course length: Upto 30 Hours
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    Course details

    Course Contents - Revit MEP

    Building Information Modelling
    • Building Information Modelling for MEP       
    • Introducing Revit as a BIM tool
    UI Tour, Project Navigation and View Creation
    • Exploring the User Interface
    • Placement & Properties of Grids, Levels &
    • Working with Revit Elements and Families
    • Managing Views
    • Controlling Object Visibility
    • Working with Section and Elevation Views
    • Creating and Modifying 3D Views
    Element Selection & Manipulation
    • Element Properties & Manipulation
    • Instance & Type Parameters
    • Modify tools, Nodes & Snaps
    Visibility Control & Categorization
    • Project Wide Settings
    • View Specific Overrides
    • Element Specific Overrides
    • Individual Line Overrides
    Establishing a Project
    • Project Units – Common, HVAC, Electrical &
    • MEP settings, Symbols & Schematic Design
    • Project Commencement & Collaboration
    • Linking CAD & Revit Architecture
    • Coordination Review
    Introduction to Building Elements
    • Basic Wall definitions, floors, roofs & ceilings
    • Sketching Rules and relating slabs to walls &
    • Slabs slopes, Roof design and Ceiling definitions
    • System Family editing
    Equipment, Fixtures & Fittings
    • Family Terminology
    • Component Placement
    • Selecting the correct Level
    • MEP Workflow
    Introducing Systems
    • Setting up a Project Profile
    • System Browser
    • Main Systems (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing)
    Basic Schedules and Legends
    • Scheduling Components
    • Style Schedules
    • Legends
    Electrical Systems & Circuits
    • Equipment, devices & fixtures
    • Wiring, cable tray and conduit modelling
    • Circuits and Switch Systems
    Plumbing Systems
    • Plumbing settings
    • Plumbing fixtures
    • Creating plumbing systems
    • Creating sanitary systems
    • Domestic hot & cold water systems
    Mechanical Systems
    • Mechanical Settings
    • Duct Types & fittings
    • Creating duct & Piping systems
    • Insulating & lining ductwork
    • Plant & equipment
    • Mechanical Pipework, flanges and fittings
    • Checking and Fixing Interference Conditions
    Spaces, Zones, Areas & Volumes
    • Differentiate between Spaces, Zones, Areas & Volumes
    • Defining spaces, bounding elements, tags & schedules
    • Computation for areas and volumes
    • Using Space data outside of Revit
    • Colour schemes and Legends
    2D Drafting & Annotation
    • Introducing Annotation tools and component categories
    • Detail component libraries
    • Repeating Details
    • Lines & arcs
    • Text, Tags & Keynotes
     Sheet Compilation & Publication
    • Project browser organisation
    • Creating & populating sheets
    • Working with schedules
    • Publishing & document management
    Linking Files/ Importing and Exporting Files
    • Working with Revit Architecture Linked Files
    • Monitor and Coordinate Linked Projects
    • Importing and Using External Files
    • Exporting to External Files
    Presenting the Building Model
    • Working with Drawing Sheets
    • Working with Title blocks
    • Managing Revisions
    • Creating Renderings
    • Using Walkthroughs
    • Using Sun and Shadow Settings
    • Creating DWF files
    Revit Worksharing/Copy&Monitoring
    • Managing Project Sharing with Worksets
    • Managing Worksets and Multiple Users
    • Setting the Copy/Monitoring and review
      Updated on 06 January, 2021

    Eligibility / Requirements

    Basic knowledge of AutoCad Skills

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