About Singapore Institute Of Directors

SID aims to promote the professional development of directors and corporate leaders and encourage the highest standards of corporate governance and ethical conduct. SID's objectives are to be the national association of company directors for the local business community. The SID works closely with its network of members, professionals such as accountants and lawyers, and the authorities to identify ways to uphold and enhance standards of corporate governance. To act as a forum for exchange of information on issues relating to corporate governance and directorship in Singapore. The SID plays a leading role in holding discussions and providing feedback to the authorities on matters of concern. To organise and conduct professional training courses and seminars to meet the needs of its members and company directors generally. Such courses aim to continually raise the professional standards of directors in Singapore by helping them raise their effectiveness through acquisition of knowledge and skills. To regularly publish newsletters, magazines and other publications to update members on relevant issues, keeping them informed of latest developments. These publications also serve as reference materials for company directors. To be responsible for the discipline of members. The SID has drawn up a code of conduct for directors in Singapore setting out the standards to ensure they discharge their responsibilities dutifully and diligently.

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