Personal Development Course fees in Pakistan

The table below provides more information on the fees for Personal Development courses in Pakistan.There are 3 courses available, the cheapest price is PKR 16287.
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Course LocationDuration Fees

Productivity: Take Back Control of Your Life OfCourse

Flexible PKR 1,332
PKR 5,771

Stress Management for Professional & Personal Life OfCourse

Flexible PKR 1,332
PKR 4,291

Feng Shui for Health & Spiritual Practitioners OfCourse

Flexible PKR 1,332
PKR 7,251

Mind Mapping for Smart Working OfCourse

Flexible PKR 1,617
PKR 7,976

Business Communication: Writing Better Emails OfCourse

Flexible PKR 1,740
PKR 3,479

Confidence at Work: Developing Gravitas & Authority OfCourse

Flexible PKR 1,733
PKR 5,771

Success Habits For Professional Development OfCourse

Flexible PKR 1,775
PKR 5,179

Dream it and Do it Udemy


Mind-body Medicine For Financial Control OfCourse

Flexible PKR 2,079
PKR 4,059

How The Rich Get Rich And Keep It & How You Can Do The Same Udemy

TBA 19.99 USD

How To Reprogram Your Mind In 60 Seconds or Less Udemy


Managing Stress Udemy

TBA 19.99 USD

Get Energy & Emotional Stress Recovery - 7 Minute Tool Udemy

TBA 19.99 USD

Career Development - Get the BEST Job Evaluation EVER! Udemy

TBA 19.99 USD

Reignite Your Life - In 7 Quick Ways Udemy