Class room

  • Instruction on the concept of CIM


  • Implementing C.I.M. in Government police, Fire and Corrections


  • Effective coordination between intra government agencies during critical incidents


  • Understanding the roles of C.I.M – Incident Commander, Deputy Incident Commander, Chief of Logistics, Chief of Operations, Chief of Administration.


  • Effectively utilizing C.I.M. as a cost effective measure for the incident. Understanding when to mobilize and demobilize needed resources and personnel.


  • Learning where to stage command post and staging areas for a smooth deployment of personnel


  • Step by step analyses of the critical incidents, times, resources and personnel being utilized big Incident Commander

We_They a professional training institution approved by United Arab Emirates government, UAE Ministry of Education and the Police of UAE. It provides security experts from the United States and Europe combining an experienced team with of over 85 years in police, corrections, military police and private security contracting.

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