About Fitch Learning UK

Fitch Learning is the global leader in financial education, providing end to end solutions for a wide range of technical training and exam based qualifications. We operate across the globe and have learning centres in London, Dubai, New York, and Singapore. We train the largest Investment Banks, Asset Managers and Global Banks. So whether you are an individual looking to enhance your career or a training professional looking for the optimum training partner Fitch Learning can help.

Why choose Fitch Learning as your provider for public courses?

  • Trainers – You will learn from the trainers how to understand the subject matter and put the topics into context. All of our trainers are experienced professionals and will provide you with easily digestible content, using knowledge learned from many years in the industry.
  • Up-to-date content – You will work through current, region specific case studies taken from real companies so you can apply what you are being taught as soon as you get back to the office.
  • Interactive – You can practice what you learn before applying it in the workplace, as all of our courses are designed to be highly interactive with no more than 16 participants. The discursive style of training encourages you to bring a level of confidence to future decisions and analysis.

Why register for a public course?

  • Practical, structured courses focused on specific professional development topics
  • Suitable for individuals or small groups with specific needs
  • Ideal when there isn’t a sufficient number of people for an in-house solution.

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