Internet and Social Media courses in Dubai

The  UAE is a country where internet and social media are in rapid expansion. In fact out of 9 million inhabitants, 5.4 million are active social media users. 

In Dubai, there are over 2.5 million social media users, and the numbers continue to grow by over 20 % each year. If a business or organization has no online presence, it is bound to fail in a city like Dubai. In order to keep up with the current market trends, entrepreneurs must take the digital sector into consideration.

There are 14 Internet and Social media courses available in Dubai. The topic covered by these trainings range from basic google analytics to advanced certificates in social media marketing.

Completing an Internet and social media course in Dubai, will expand your career prospect to new levels. You can obtain jobs such as, digital marketing manager, marketing officer or director of communications.

For more information on the career paths available for Internet and Social media specialists in Dubai, check out our Internet and Social media jobs in Dubai.

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