Administration and Secretarial courses in the UAE

Administration and Secretarial work consists of activities such as supporting management and using a variety of project management, communication or organizational skills. 

In order to improve your skills in such a demanding key role, we offer a selection of  administration and secretarial courses which will provide you the necessary qualifications. 

There are 68 administration and secretarial courses available in the UAE. These trainings will at the same time enhance your communication and interpersonal skills by showing you the importance of effective administration skills in an organization. 

After obtaining a certification, you can opt for roles such as personal assistant, office assistant or senior administrative assistant.

Many more opportunities are available related to these qualifications, to discover more, check out our Administration and Secretarial jobs in the UAE.

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Popular Questions

Hello,I want to apply for office administration course. I have a certificate in fetac level 5 in nursing studies.Am i eligible for the admin course? please do assist.
(Question asked by Katarina on May 30, 2016)

Thank you Katarina,  thats a good question. If you are planning to work in an administration job, you are eligible to take this course.

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what course could be good for a lady which is simple to pay and can help her to earn more?
(Question asked by Lubega on July 27, 2018)

The best course is Executive Diploma in Human Resources Management from the UK. Its priced very moderately and offered as a short course. 

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What course shall i take if i want to apply as document controller in UAE? I don't have any experience as a document controller. Kindly advise
(Question asked by Marivic Dagli on January 03, 2018)

“Records Management and Document Control” conveys practical methods for identifying and developing the systems of records management and document control that an organization needs.

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I am interested in a job at the hospital, what course should i study for administration?
(Question asked by Asmath on January 22, 2018)

Hello Asmath First, let`s get clear on your career goals. Efficient and fluent executive/admin assistants are currently in great demand by healthcare industry, as well as office managers and administrators (as you know endless paperwork demands excellent organization). Learning in-demand skills will increase your chances to land a job and become an irresistible candidate. Our C-Suite Executive Assistant Course can help you with that, and we have got promo offer for February going on!

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