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Instructor led live virtual classroom online. Classes may be individual or in group.
  • Other Location: Al Barsha - Dubai
  • Duration / Course length: Upto 12 Hours
  • Timings: Flexible

Course details

Microsoft Excel Basic
1.    Setting up a workbook
  •  Creating Workbooks
    • Excel Terminology
    • Excel Environment
    • Customizing Quick Access Toolbar
    • Creating a New Workbook
    • Entering Data into Workbook
    • Saving a workbook
    • Open a workbook
    • Zoom
    • Insert a new worksheet
    • Renaming a new worksheet
    • Changing the tab colour of worksheet
    • Rearranging the order of worksheets
    • Move or Copy worksheet
    • Hide/Unhide Worksheet
    • Switch Windows
    • Modifying Workbooks and Worksheets 
  • Changing column widths and row heights
  • Insert Columns/Rows
  • Delete Columns/ Rows
  • Hide/Unhide columns or rows
  • Insert Cells
  • Moving Data by dragging
  • Customizing Excel
  • Arranging multiple workbook windows
  • Customizing the ribbon
  • Minimizing the ribbon
  • 2.  Working with Data and Excel Tables
  • Entering Data
  • Copy, Cut and Paste
  • Pick from drop down list
  • Find and Replace data
  • Spell Check
  • Thesaurus
  • Defining an Excel Table
  • Format as table
  • Table design
  • Basic Formulas
    • How to create a basic formula
    • Operators
    • Copy Formula down
    • Absolute cell reference
  • Basic Functions
  • What is the difference between formulas and functions
  • Insert a function
    • AutoSum, sum, min, max and average
  1. Changing Workbook Appearance
  • Format Cells
  • Changing Font, Font size and Font
  • Borders
  • Bold, Italic and Underline o Fill Colour
  • Themes
  • Format Numbers as percentage, currency and general
  • Insert a Picture
  • Picture Styles, remove background, picture effects
  • Insert Background
4.    Printing
  • Inserting Headers and Footers
  • Print Preview
  • Page Setup
  • Page break preview
  • Print active worksheets
  • Print entire workbook
  • Print Selection
  • Print titles
  • Set Print Area
  • Centre data on page

  Updated on 19 September, 2022

Eligibility / Requirements

Basic knowledge of computer and internet

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