Media, Creative and Design Courses in Abu Dhabi

With over 40 courses available in media, creative and design, this broad topic boasts a variety of sub-topics that allow you to gain different skills currently in demand in today's job market. Among these sub-topics, courses seekers are most interested in AutoCAD draftsman courses and jobs, photography and dance classes, web designing,  as well as graphic designing.

Taking a course in any of the above sub-topics or below listed courses will not only expand your knowledge but also allow you the opportunity to express yourself creatively through different mediums. Whether through advanced designer courses or a simple photography course, the options are abundant.

You may also want to check our media, creative and design jobs in Abu Dhabi for positions such as design manager, graphic designer, interior designer just to name a few.

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207 courses from 33 providers in Abu Dhabi

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Popular Questions

What is the latest software used in the field of interior design?
(Question asked by Smitha on June 13, 2016)

Dear Ms. Smitha,

3D max,Rhino can be used for interior design.Knowledge of Photoshop & AutoCAD is an added advantage.

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Hi, I am a commerce graduate, working as an accountant. I am very interested in interior designing, Is it possible to change my profession from an Accountant to Interior Designer ?
(Question asked by Aneel on October 18, 2017)

Yes, it is very easy.

There is no undergradate requirement to be an Interior Designer. You can do a 6-9 month diploma and get a grip of the practical applications to be able to work successfully or even start a venture.

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Can you please assist me, if i do an Architectural Engineering course, can i then get into the interior design?
(Question asked by Farhan on July 22, 2017)

yes, you can attend software training in that we are providing 3ds max Autocad & photoshop. if you doing this course you will learn  Interior design basic to advance, 3d vswalizing also.

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I am an interior designer with a passion for designing TV programs set or theatre. I'm not quite sure which course to study, please do suggest.
(Question asked by Zainy on July 30, 2017)

Hi Zainy , you can attend interior design for designing exterior and interiors of villas, restaurants etc. I am positive the same skill sets should be good to work on your set design as well.

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