About Atlantic Institute Of Higher Learning

Atlantic Institute of Higher Learning was established in 2012, aiming to deliver a broad range of quality tertiary and vocational training programs in an innovative approach due to the increasing demand of higher qualifications and knowledge-based workers in Singapore. Atlantic Institute of Higher Learning offers qualifications awarded by international recognised education bodies such as LTTC and LCCI. AIHL's team consists of Masters degree holders who are constantly updated of industry needs. Their invaluable experience will get you prepared for the industry. Students are more comfortable and confident in smaller groups. A lecturer-to-class average ratio of 1:8 ensures lecturers provide each student sufficient attention. The learning process is a journey, and lecturers are the guides. AIHL's vocational courses are designed to prepare the students for career success in the fields of English Teaching, Business Administration, Accounting, Finance and Psychology. The courses will prepare and equip graduates with skills for their current/future careers.

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