IATA Courses in Oman

The International Air Transportation Association, colloquially known as IATA, is a vital body on the Aviation industry. It owns the power of regulation and sets the standard practices for more than 250 airlines in over 100 countries across the whole World. Such rules and regulations not only influence the airlines themselves, as whole industry. These practices bear on cargo operations, safety procedures and general security. 

Across Oman, several courses and trainings can be found on the subject. There are currently 2 IATA courses in Oman from where you can enhance your skills and knowledge on these matters. An IATA course could be a useful skill in order to find a job on the area. Given the new airport infrastructure soon to be open in Muscat, vacancies on this area are surely opening. In order to find more about this, check all our IATA Jobs in Oman.

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10 courses from 10 providers in Oman

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