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For those wishing to study law, it really does have to be the degree option, there's very little by way of short courses available, although you may find some industry-specific options such as contracts and conflicts courses, to help you with the legal side of your business. There are a number of Law degree providers focussing on both international and Sharia Law and taught in both English and Arabic. Moreover there are specialisms available such as public law and trading law. Look out for the LLM (UK) qualification at the masters level, LLB (UK)at the Bachelors level or JD (USA) to ensure your qualification is recognised internationally. However, a stand-alone law degree is not required nor is it enough to become a qualified lawyer. There are a number of professional qualifications and practises that you will be required to complete upon completion of your Bachelors degree in any subject to progress on to a career in Law.

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