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    Course Overview
    Much of the work of youth development professionals is organised around specific projects. They may be small projects designed by yourself and relevant stakeholders to solve very specific problems that you and they face. Alternatively, they may be part of much larger projects run by major funding bodies. Either way, project design and development is often expected to use certain techniques to ensure project quality. The aim of this program is to introduce you to the practices that have built up around the design and management of projects in the last few decades.
    What is presented here will give you a general overview of project work. It has been written to help you develop the knowledge and skills necessary to plan, design, implement, monitor and evaluate projects in your youth in development program.
    Course Benefits
    When you successfully complete this program, you should be able to:
    • Identify activities involved in project planning, monitoring and evaluation.
    • write a proposal for funding, including logframes.
    • plan projects on the basis of a logical framework.
    • Demonstrate understanding of the Total Quality Program standers.
    • Prepare project risk management plan.
    Who Should Attend?
    • Department heads of youth focused institutions.
    • Young Leaders
    • Professionals responsible for youth project planing, in government departments, corporates and NGOs.
    • Volunteers of youth projects and organizations.
    • Youth Workers.
    • Student Activities coordinators.
    Course Outline

    Day 1
    • Youth Centered Programming Model
    • Preparation for programming
    • (Need Assessment - Youth development Factor - Assessing Organization - Entrepreneurship - Youth involvement)
    • Program Objectives
    • Logical Framework
    Day 2
    • Program Development
    • Approaches to program development
    • Selecting program format
    • Selecting program area
    • Program promotion
    • Total Quality Program
    Day 3
    • Program Implementation
    • Program leadership
    • Helping Youth feel valued
    • Promoting youth involvement
    • Quality customer service
    • Handling complaints
    • Risk Management
    Day 4
    • Program Evaluation
    • Purposes
    • Principles of evaluation
    • Types of evaluation
    • Methods of evaluation
    • Model of evaluation
    Updated on 11 July, 2019

    About Matsh Youth Development

    Matsh is a Youth Development enterprise aims to provide developmental services and programs for young people. The main objective of Matsh is to professionalize youth work in the Middle East and North Africa region by providing Youth Development and Youth Work capacity building programs for youth workers, formulating code of ethics and standards for youth work sector in MENA region, providing policy and strategy development and management consultancy for youth development institutions.

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