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    Course Overview

     Learn How To:

    • Define the role of the IT project manager
    • Develop a results-driven project management team
    • Identify, interpret and manage the real project requirements
    • Develop a focused project plan to manage IT projects
    • Estimate IT project costs and schedules using proven techniques
    • Find solutions to problems specifically related to IT projects

    Course Synopsis

    Today’s IT projects present unique challenges to the project manager requiring coordination with many stakeholders and integration of various technological capabilities. In this course, applicants will discover critical success factors and hidden risks inherent in IT projects and they will leave with an understanding of strategies and techniques developed in the field by experienced IT project managers for successfully managing IT projects.

    "IT" means different things to different people. This course addresses all areas of IT project management: hardware, software, systems integration, communications and human resources. It addresses the role of the project manager and the project team at each phase of the project life cycle - helping them to gain the foundation, basic experience, techniques and tools to manage each stage of their project.

    Trainees will learn techniques to determine customer requirements, set goals tied directly to stakeholder needs, get the most from their project management team and utilize project management tools to get work done on time and within budget.

    By extending traditional project management concepts into the IT arena, one will gain an understanding of the strategies and skills necessary to manage IT projects of any size. They will also take home powerful tools to enhance your IT project management capabilities, as well as written text in your course binder explaining the concepts in each unit for reference when they return to the workplace. In addition, applicants will receive Project Management Terms: A Working Glossary, by J. Leroy Ward, PMP.

    Importantly, applicants will learn IT project management skills through hands-on exercises, interactive case studies and relevant discussions with their peers and an experienced IT project management instructor. This approach allows one to practice new skills and ask questions as they assimilate a broad array of practical experience that can immediately be applied when applicants return to the workplace.

    Course Topics

    • Overview of IT Project Management 
    • Concept Phase 
    • Requirements Phase 
    • Planning Phase 
    • Design Phase 
    • Construction Phase 
    • Delivery Phase
    Updated on 08 November, 2015

    About ESI International

    At ESI one will discover a tradition of excellence that has fueled individual and corporate successes all over the world. Since 1981, ESI has served Fortune Global 500 companies across the world to improve business performance.

    Their reputation as an industry leader in project management training and consulting is unsurpassed.Their programmes undergo rigorous review and change to reflect the latest practices and your changing needs.

    Professional Certificates

    More than just quality training, ESI gives their delegates the credentials that mark them as experts in their organisations. They offer certificate tracks in the following programmes:

    • Associate's Certificate in Project Management
    • Master's Certificate in Project Management
    • Master's Certificate in IT Project Management
    • Advanced Master's Certificate in Project Management
    • Professional Certificate in Business Analysis (only available for those who started working towards this before April 2010)
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