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Price: AED 1,200
  • Locations: Bur Dubai
  • Duration: Upto 16 Hours
  • Timings Full Time, Flexible

    Course details

     QuickBooks is Intuit #39; set of software solutions designed to manage payroll, inventory, sales, purchase, general ledgers and other needs of a small business. The software's features include marketing tools, merchant services, product and supplies, training solutions.

    Course Contents:

    • Introduction to Accounting.
    • Introduction to Accounting Software.
    • Company Creation.
    • Chart of Accounts.
    • Edit Chart of Accounts.
    • Delete Chart of Account List.
    • Enter Opening Balances in Chart of Account.
    • Check the Reports of Chart of Account.
    Lesson 2:
    • What is Journal Entry?
    • Why we use Journal Entries?
    • Journal Entries in QuickBooks.
    • Edit Journal Entries.
    • Delete Journal Entries.
    • How to perform Recurring Entries?
    • Check the Reports of Journal Entries.
    Lesson 3:
    • What is Inventory?
    • Inventory in QuickBooks.
    • Inventory Adjustments.
    • Check the Reports of Inventory.
    Lesson 4:
    • Creation of Customers.
    • Check the Report of Customers.
    • Sale Orders.
    • Check the Reports of Sale Orders.
    • Sale Invoices.
    • Check the Reports of Sale Invoices.
    • Receipts from Customers.
    • Check the Reports of all the Receipts.
    • Replacements entry for Customer.
    • Check all the relevant reports of Accounts Receivable.
    Lesson 5:
    • Creation of Vendors.
    • Check the Report of Vendors.
    • Purchase Orders.
    • Purchase Received Inventory.
    • Payments to Vendors.
    • Purchase Return/ Vendor Credit Memos.
    • Refund of Cash from Vendors.
    • Replacement Received from Vendors.
    • Check all the reports of Vendors.
    Lesson 6:
    • What is Payroll?
    • Payroll in QuickBooks.
    • Check the Reports of Payroll.
    • Job Order Costing In QuickBooks.
    • How to Add Customer Job.
    • How to Add Inventory for Job Costing.
    • How to Create the Estimates.
    • What are the steps involve in Job Order Costing if we receive any Order from Customer.
    • Check the reports of Job Order Costing.
    Lesson 8: Advance Quickbooks
    • Multiple Currencies.
    • Bank Deposit.
    • Bank Transfer.
    • How to Make Classes.
    • Backup company data.
    • Restore company data.
    • Closing the Accounting Period of Company
    Benefits of taking this course:
    • Increase scope of additional revenue through special  
    • Increase audit efficiency 
    • Officially recognized by leading companies 
    • Increases networking communication 
    • Powerful remote capabilities that boost collaboration  
    • Easy to find qualified personnel  
    • Easy to customise 
    • Low cost of ownership via quick implementation, Support Centre.
    Anyone can pursue accounting software qualification. This makes it ideal for professionals already active in accounting and people keen on a career change.

    Note: one to one training facility is also available.


    From 1st January 2018, certain fees and charges on our services are already implemented ( 5% Value Added Tax) in compliance with UAE federal laws and regulations. Bright Future Training Institute will collect and pay that 5% VAT to the UAE Federal Tax.


    Eligibility / Requirements

    Basic accounting knowledge and qualification.

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