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    Word Core 
    Module 1: Create and Manage Documents
    This module describes how to create and Manage a Document on word
    Lesson : Create a document Lab:
    • Create a blank document
    • Create a blank document using a template
    • Open a PDF in Word for editing
    • Insert text from a file or external source
    Lesson : Navigate Through a Document Lab:
    • Search for text
    • Create bookmarks
    • Move to a specific location or object in a document.
    Lesson : Format a Document Lab:
    • Modify page setup
    • Apply document themes
    • Format page background elements
    Lesson : Customize Options and Views for Documents Lab:
    • Change document views
    • Customize views by using zoom settings
    • Show or hide formatting symbols
    Lesson : Print and Save Documents Lab:
    • Modify print settings
    • Save documents in alternative file formats
    • Print all or part of a document
    • Inspect a document for compatibility issues After completing this module, students will be able to:
    • Create and Manage Documents on word.
    • Customize views for documents.
    • Modify the different options of print and to save Documents.
    Module 2:  Format Text, Paragraphs and Sections
     This module describes how to manage paragraphs in a word Documents.
    Lesson : Insert Text and Paragraphs Lab:
    • Find and replace text
    • Cut, copy and paste text
    • Replace text by using AutoCorrect
    • Insert special characters
    Lesson : Format Text and Paragraphs Lab:
    • Apply font formatting
    • Apply formatting by using Format Painter
    • Set line and paragraph spacing and indentation
    • Clear formatting
    • Apply a text highlight color to text selections
    • Change text to WordArt
    Lesson : Order and Group Text and Paragraphs Lab:
    • Format text in multiple columns
    • Insert page, section, or column breaks
    • Change page setup options for a section
    After completing this module, students will be able to:
    • Insert text and Paragraphs.
    • Format the text paragraphs.
    • Group the text and paragraphs and Order ;
    Module 3: Create Tables and Lists
     This module describes how to create and modify a table and how to create a modify a list.
    Lessons : Create a Table Lab:
    • Convert text to tables
    • Convert tables to text Create a table by specifying rows and columns
    • Apply table styles Lessons : Modify a Table Lab:
    • Sort table data
    • Configure a repeating row header
    Lessons : Create and Modify a List Lab:
    • Create a numbered or bulleted list
    • Change bullet characters or number formats for a list level
    • Set starting number value 
    Module 4: Create and Manage
     This module describes how to create reference markers and manage them, beside that how to create and manage simple references.
    Lessons : Create and Manage Reference Markers Lab:
    • Insert footnotes and endnotes
    • Modify footnote and endnote properties
    • Insert figure and table captions
    • Modify caption properties
    Lessons : Create and Manage Simple References Lab:
    • Insert a standard table of contents
    • Update a table of contents
    • Insert a cover page
    After completing this module, students will be able to:
    • Create Reference Markers.
    • Manage Reference Markers
    • Create and Manage Simple ;
    Module 5: Insert and Format Graphic Elements
     This module  covers the graphics elements, how to insert graphics and format it and how to insert and format SmartArt Graphics  in a word Documents.
    Lessons : Insert Graphic Elements Lab:
    • Insert shapes
    • Insert pictures
    • Insert a screen shot or screen clipping Insert text boxes.
    Lessons : Format Graphic Elements Lab:
    • Apply artistic effects
    • Apply picture effects
    • Position objects
    • Add alternative text to objects for accessibility
    Lessons : Insert and Format SmartArt Graphics Lab:
    • Create a SmartArt graphic
    • Format a SmartArt graphic
    • Modify SmartArt graphic content
    After completing this module, students will be able to:
    • Insert Graphics (shapes, pictures, text ).
    • Format the Graphic elements.
    • Create and insert SmartArt graphics.
    • Format and modify SmartArt ;         
    Excel Core  
    Module1: Create and Manage Worksheets and Workbooks
    : Create Worksheets and Workbooks
    : Navigate in Worksheets and Workbooks
    : Format Worksheets and Workbooks
    : Customize Options and Views for Worksheets and Workbooks
    : Configure Worksheets and Workbooks for Distribution
    Module2: Manage Data Cells and Ranges
    : Insert Data in Cells and Ranges
    : Format Cells and Ranges
    : Summarize and Organize Data
    Module3: Create Tables
    : Create and Manage Tables
    : Manage Table Styles and Options
    : Filter and Sort a Table
    Module4: Perform Operations with Formulas and Functions
    : Summarize Data by using Functions
    : Perform Conditional Operations by using Functions
    : Format and Modify Text by using Functions
    Module5: Create Charts and Objects
    : Create Charts
    : Format Charts
    : Insert and Format Objects

    Module1: Create and Manage Presentations
    Create a Presentation
    : Insert and Format Slides
    : Modify Slides, Handouts, and Notes
    : Order and Group Slides
    : Change Presentation Options and Views
    : Configure a Presentation for Print
    : Configure and Present a Slide Show
    Module2: Insert and Format Text, Shapes, and Images
    : Insert and Format Text
    : Insert and Format Shapes and Text Boxes
    : Insert and Format Images
    : Order and Group Objects
    Module3: Insert Tables, Charts, SmartArt, and Media
    : Insert and Format Tables
    : Insert and Format Charts
    : Insert and Format SmartArt graphics
    : Insert and Manage Media
    Module4: Apply Transitions and Animations
    : Apply Slide Transitions
    : Animate Slide Content
    : Set Timing for Transitions and Animations
    Module5: Create Charts and Objects
    : Merge Content from Multiple Presentations Updated on 08 November, 2020

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