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HR Management Course

Certificate of achievement in HR Management Level 6. Additional CPD Accredited Certificate with 170 CPD points available with no extra study.
Endorsed HR Management Level 6 Certificate of Achievement. This HR Management - Level 6 is a high impact Higher level course for those that are interested in developing their career in the HR Management field and/ or those whose work are closely related to managing people both in small, medium sized and big corporations.
In this HR Management Level 6 course, learners will be equipped with basic tenets of good HR procedures such as Introduction to HR Management, staff training and development, managing performance, daily duties of HR professionals, HR code of ethics, benefits of enhancing employee productivity, what you should do as a HR professional, and/ or what you shouldn't do and lots more.
By enrolling for this HR Management course, learners will get proactive, innovative and greater control of performance management that will aid them to be useful to their businesses or organizations they work. This is a world class program that will take your business or career to the next level of excellence.
This HR Management Level 6 is 100% self-paced, and it is available 24/7 for learners regardless of age, experience and academic background. You will have the flexibility to be trained, equipped and inspired at your own convenient time, pace and location.
At the completion of the HR Management course, you will be issued certificate of completion. And you can go ahead to engage yourself with other levels of study in this field or you can start working in an organization or become a HR consultant who provides outsourcing solutions to private, and corporate organizations. The course fee you pay takes care of the college registration, 100% tutor support, training, online assessment, additional supporting documents and lots more.

HR Management Course
HR Management - Learning Outcomes
HR Management Level 6 is a very interesting and lucrative course of study. At the end of the program, learners will develop the capacity to:
Understand the basic tenets of human resources as well as their management tactics within organizations.
Recruit, hire and retain quality employees for their businesses and organizations they work.
Understand the importance of maintaining good employee relations, building bridges of friendship among their businesses or organizations and others.
Understand the benefits of providing employees with quality instrument of work, and detailing employees with their appropriate job descriptions, and teaching them how to handle their job specifications with professional finesse.
Explore professional strategies that will help to measure the effectiveness of the workforce.
The course is delivered in easy to understand, readable and highly simplified English.
It is also ideal for individuals that want to study human resources to an advanced level or to existing higher level human resource workers that are looking for a program that will improve their knowledge and skills, or to business owners that want to develop human resource skills that will enable them manage their businesses proficiently, efficiently and proactively.
This is also a course you enroll in if you truly want to boost your career prospects or enhance your curriculum vitae.

HR Management - Course Syllabus:

This HR Management - Level 6 course consists of the following three units:

Module 1 Human Resource Management Introduction
  • The Objectives of HRM
  • Primary Objectives
  • What is Strategic Human Resources Management?
  • The Scope of HRM
Module 2 Develop and Implement Recruitment and Selection Strategies
  • External Sources of Recruitment for Organisations
  • The Recruitment Process
  • Complexity and Challenges of Recruitment
  • Ethical Standards and Manpower Recruitment
Module 3 Employee Relations and Recognition - Human Resources
  • Concept and Scope of Industrial Relations
  • Elements of Employee Relations
  • Employee Relations Processes
  • Employee Relations Policies
Module 4 Appraising Employee Performance
  • What is Appraisal?
  • Goals of Performance Appraisal
  • The Performance Appraisal Process
Module 5 The Importance of Training & Development in the Workplace
  • Objectives of Training
  • Benefits of Employee Training and Development
  • Assessment of Training Needs
  • Identifying Training Needs
Module 6 Conducting Effective Performance Reviews
  • Performance Management Process
  • Creating Performance Development
  • Maintaining Performance
  • Module 7 Performance Management of Workers
Module 8 Motivating and Rewarding Employees
  • Motivational Aspects
  • What is Motivation?
  • The Influence of Motivation Theory
  • Types of Incentives and Rewards
Module 9 Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Discrimination on Grounds of Religion or Belief
  • Part-Time Workers
  • Managing Diversity
  • Disability Requirements
Module 10 Health, safety and welfare of employees
  • HRM and Health, Safety and Welfare
  • Health and Safety Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Managing Health and Safety at Work
Module 11 Absence Management and Attendance
  • Process and Causes of Absence
  • Employee Absence and the Recession
  • Absence Targets and Benchmarking
  • Training and Support for Line Managers
Module 12 Handling Grievance, Discipline, Termination and Dismissal
  • Grievances
  • Causes of Grievances
  • Effects of Grievance
  • Disciplinary Procedure
Module 13 - Talent Management
  • Creating a Talent Management Plan
  • Talent Development within an Organization
Module 14 - Succession planning
  • Understanding the value of Succession Planning
  • Elements of a Succession Plan
  • Development of a Succession Plan
  • Module 15 - Conflict Resolution
Module 16 - Talking to Employees About Personal Hygiene
  • Guidelines for Difficult Conversations
  • Resolving Hygiene Issues at Workplaces
Module 17 - Workplace Wellness Program
  • Need of Workplace Wellness Programmes
  • Designing and Implementing a Workplace Wellness Programme
Updated on 20 April, 2021

Eligibility / Requirements

HR Management Course
No particular entry requirement.
Option 1
HR Management Diploma QLS Level 6 endorsed by Quality Licence Scheme
Certificate Fee: £150 + postal charges
Option 2
HR Management Diploma issued by BOLC
PDF Certificate - FREE
Hard copy - £25 + postal charges
Option 3
CPD Accredited Certificate
(PDF format)=£30
(Hard copy)=£120 + postal charges
*Postage Charges: National £9, International £15

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