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Course Purpose
This valuable workshop will cover technical and policy /procedure topics related to management of motor systems including:
  • Evaluation and selection of optimum motors for specific applications.
  • Identify the components and principles of operation for the major types of motors
  • Development and use of motor repair and rewind guidelines.
  • Electric power system and management of power transmission and driven loads in relation to motor
  • Operation and use.
  • Measure winding insulation resistance
  • Measure winding resistance in motors
  • Remove end bells, rotor, and bearings from an motor
  • Inspect and clean end bells and rotors
  • Reinstall bearings
  • Reassemble an motor as well as perform operational tests on it
  • Properly Matching A Drive to A Machine
  • Choosing the Correct Motor
  • Choosing the Best Type of Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)
  • Identify & Correct Drive System Problems
  • Identify & Test Major Drive Components
  • Perform Start-Up of an AC Drive
  • Program & Adjust the Drive for Desired Operation
  • Evolution of VFD Control
  • Modern Types of Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)
Mechanical Theory
  • Horsepower Defined
  • Torque Defined
  • Example Horsepower and Torque Calculations
  • Common Types of Mechanical Loads
  • Characteristics of Variable Torque and Constant Torque Loads
Basic VFD Electricity Theory
  • Electrical/Hydraulic Circuit Analogy
  • Resistance, Voltage, and Current Defined
  • Common Types of PWM Drives
  • Examination of the Main Power Circuit
  • Electronic Component Identification The PWM Wave Form
  • Voltage and Frequency Relationships and Effects on Motor Performance
  • Control of Drive System Torque and Horsepower Output
  • Torque Output Comparisons of AC Drives VS. Conventional Means of Speed Control
  • Standing Wave (Reflective Wave) Phenomena on Motor Cables
  • Disassembly of an AC Drive
  • Component Identification
  • Various Designs of Drives
  • Reassemble, Test, Start-Up of AC Drive With Proper Techniques
  • Hands-On Programming and Operation of an AC Drive and Motor
  • Adjust Minimum and Maximum Speed
  • Reset Drive to Factory Defaults
  • Adjusting Torque Output
  • General Drive Programming
  • Methods of Speed and Torque Control
VFD Applications
  • Methods of Proper Drive Selection
  • Multi-Motor Drive Systems with Example Problem
  • Using VFDs to Eliminate Geared Speed Reducers
  • Effects of AC Drives on Geared Speed Reducers
  • Replacing Mechanical Speed Changers with VFDs
Updated on 19 January, 2017

Job roles this course is suitable for:

All participants will be provided with a “Successfully completed course” certificate for those participants who satisfy the following conditions 100% attendance in the class Submit all the course work and assignments Successful completion of the End of course Assessment

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