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    Our Intensive General English is a systematic and organized course which helps motivated adults to develop their knowledge, skills and fluency in English. At Excellence our qualified and experienced trainers use dynamic methods to impart grammatically correct understanding and learning of the course. We identify our learners learning difficulties, and synchronize training with their specific requirement, making it more effective, educative, enjoyable and everlasting.
    Who is this course for?
    Intensive General English is meant for all those who are desirous of learning English Language in a systematic grammatically correct manner. English is the most commonly used language of communication and therefore a good knowledge of correct form of English is an essential skill. This course is for all those learners who wish to equip themselves with English Language skills and also for those who wish to re-strengthen their skills
    What will I learn ?
    Intensive General English course is offered at three levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced
    1. Greeting - Spoken and Written
    2. Vocabulary - objects of everyday use
    3. Concepts of one and many
    4. Articles
    General English – intermediate level
    1. Broad segments
    2. Grammar:- Perfect Tense,
    3. Vocabulary
    4. Reading
    5. Writing
    6. Speaking
    7. Socializing
    8. Dining table
    9. Giving suggestions
    10. Guiding people
    11. Expressing emotions
    12. Pleasure/ Displeasure
    13. Making use of simple idiom
    1. Grammar Topics covered
    2. Speaking Activity
    3. Discussion Exercises
    4. Writing
    5. Practice
    How will I benefit from taking this course?
    • Intensive, systematic and organized learning.
    • Very affordable
    • Qualified/Experienced trainers
    • Imparts grammatically correct understanding and learning of English
    • Provides conceptual clarity to the learner.
    • Besides it will help in improving:
    1. Interpersonal skills
    2. Self-expression skills
    3. Communication skills
    4. Confidence level
    5. Motivational skills
    How will I be assessed?
    Assessment will be done in the form of a written test conducted at the end of course; and on the basis of progress of the candidate in the class.
    Entry requirements:
    • Minimum formal education 
    • Knowledge of English alphabets
    • Minimum reading skills
    • Understanding of very basic concepts in English
    • Placement in different levels, to be done after faculty assessment.

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    Excellence training Centre is located in JLT, is a training centre for languages and personality development. The training centre specializes in providing language solutions for all language requirements- personal, social, professional, academic and creative. The Training centre is a hallmark for excellence in teaching, dedication and deliverance. Be a part of the institute to partake and benefit from its array of language courses.

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